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The History or Meetens

TG MeetenMeetens was formed in 1908 by T.G. Meeten. An acclaimed TT and endurance rider throughout the 20s, T.G. also developed and manufactured the S.O.S range of motorcycles. This famous name soon became synonymous with T.G.'s slogans 'So Obviously Superior' and 'So Often Successful'.

After WW2 the company relocated to New Malden in Surrey, where 'Meetens Motor Mecca' remained a prominent fixture until the late 60s. With Japanese bikes starting to make an impact on the market, T.G. retired and his business partner Margaret Child OBE took the helm.

A shrewd business woman who knew the industry inside out, Margaret realised the writing was on the wall for British motorcycle manufacturing. It was her decision to split the company into two parts - motorbikes and industrial engines - that led to the creation of Meetens Industrial Engines Ltd and ensured the company's survival.

When Meetens moved to Wimbledon in 1986, Margaret's nephew Keith Child joined the company. Keith was supported by his sons Paul and Brian, both of whom had a hands on roll in continuing T.G.'s proud tradition of product and service excellence.

Following the retirement of Keith Child the company, now known as Meetens Limited, is owned and run by Paul Child. With 37 years of knowledge in the industry Paul will continue to offer his customers the same high level of service and expertise they have enjoyed up to the present day.

Paul ChildToday, Meetens is based in Preston, Lancashire, and is owned and run by Paul Child (right).